In the beginning, there was monochrome.


Functional, minimal–bright green or amber on a black void, the machine’s infuence on aesthetics was set in motion, never to stop.


Machines of Living Death are the prophets of a dark, technologic future where flesh gleams and circuitry bleeds - a posthuman endeavor filtered through the dissection of vintage horror scores, and the extremes of industrial and death metal.


Founded by Matthew Marzolf (drum tech), GazzMask (aka Tony Mallory as string tech), and then later joined by Robbie Whiplash (vocal tech) and Brian Forestiere (sub tech), M.O.L.D. has steadily grown from an experiment in mere deconstruction into the modern crankenstein of influences that fuels it cold heart today.


Inspired by video games, technological fiction, and the impeding downfall of humanity, M.O.L.D.’s third release, “The DOS of War” continues to explore fragmented futures through glitchy electronics, lyrical intelligence, brutal AV, and the automated rage from their speed metal and grind core beginnings.