12.19.2017 March of the Undying!

Booking for M.O.L.D. spring tour in the works. If you have asuggestion for a venue to book email us at booking@machinesoflivingdeath.com!

11.11.2017 The Lab of Dr Orphyus!

Human metalurgist Ryan morris is hitting the road with his bold metal experiment The Dr. Orphyus Project and M.O.L.D. will join him for several East Coast shows. If you're lucky you might even catch this mindstorm:


07.10.2017 Fallout from Fallout!

More Humans have decide to write about us! Read this artfully composed account of our show at Fallout with 3Teeth and Heretics in the lab:

Indra Magazine Review


04.27.2017 Review Round-up!

Several humans have endeavored to write of their experience with The DOS of War. Read what they have to say:

Metal Maiden

Regen Magazine


02.27.2017 Post-lordem!

Extra thanks to every human who made it out to see M.O.L.D. play with Lordi and Dogs & Day-Drinkers. An extensive visual record can be viewed here!


07.18.2016 In The News!

Humans that would like a free sample of M.O.L.D., as well a number of other good underground bands, should pick up this month's issue of Terrorizer Magazine which includes a freecomplilation CD:

And don't forget to visit Terroizer's Site!

05.15.2016 Cry Havoc!

And set loose The DOS of War. The new album by Machines of Living Death has officially been released. To purchase visit any of the following vendors:

Official M.O.L.D. Store

CD Baby

Apple iTunes







My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult 30th Anniversary Tour

McCormack's, Richmond, VA
w/Flood the Asylum